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Localized Approach; Global Perspective


NoFraudThanks is an Anti-Fraud solution which is maintained by PRODAFT SARL.

PRODAFT, (Proactive Defense Against Future Threats), is a pioneer cyber security and cyber intelligence company providing innovative products and proactive solutions to commercial customers and government institutions as well as setting global standards with its extensive knowledge. By means of special sensor projects which monitor “the underground” continuously, PRODAFT enables organizations to acquire “real-time” global dynamics of cyber-criminal activity.

Core Values


Confidentiality is our first priority. Our servies are tested against intrusions regularly. The Swiss data protection law also guarantees the protection of our assets.


We love our work. That is why we strive to improve our technologies even if we are already on top of our competitors.


We make sure that our services are always available. We process more than 2,000 transactions each second.


Our mission is to secure our clients against ever changing trends of cybercrime. We focus on proactive technologies to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.


We always receive %100 positive feedback from our clients. Our technology is far more advanced than most of the traditional anti-fraud solutions.


We develop technologies to ensure the safety and security of payment transactions. We make sure that our clients have the safest ecommerce experience on their websites.

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If you want to use our services within your existing products or if you think your solutions can contribute to our technology, send an e-mail to:
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