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Prevent Fraud & Avoid Disasters

We detect stolen credit card information and malicious IP addresses
from multiple darknet websites and services.

Detect and prevent fraud

How NoFraudThanks Work?

Most of the antifraud solutions try to detect fraud by monitoring user behavior without knowing the tools and techniques of the attackers. Cybercriminals have multiple ways of stealing your credentials and monetizing them without triggering any of these old-fashioned systems.

NoFraudThanks uses databases of stolen credit cards, credentials and malicious IP addresses which are detected from the heart of the darkweb. Our correlation engine quickly and effectively detects fraud attempts at the time of the purchase.

Whenever a new stolen credit card information is detected, it is instantly compared against past transactions. We notify all of our customers if we detect a transaction signature matching this detected stolen credit card. This novel approach enables us to protect our clients in real time and also to notify them to stop a pre-approved purchase.

Once the client is registered to our system, they integrate our solution by using our well documented API. Before each purchase, which will be done from the client's website, it sends us a transaction signature. This signature includes the encrypted hash value of the credit card, the IP and the delivery address provided by the user. We check the signature in our databases and try to correlate this information with past incidents. Our system calculates a score based on these findings. If the signature of the card is already in our database, the transaction should be stopped immediately. If it is not in our database, we return a risk score based on past incidents.

Our clients only pay if we successfully detect a fraud attempt. We make sure that our clients ALWAYS benefit by using the NoFraudThanks solution.


  • Fraud cases are getting more complicated each day and the biggest problem is knowing the enemies methods. Attackers tools, techniques, and procedures change rapidly and it is not always feasible for a company to maintain a team for tracking this ever-changing dynamics of cybercrime.

  • Our expertise in cyber domain helps us to monitor these dynamics and monitor all illegal activity of cybercriminals.

  • Our sensors detect stolen credit card information and malicious IP addresses from multiple darknet websites and services.

  • We use machine learning technologies to correlate transactions in our client network by combining the intelligence we received from darknet. This combined approach enables us to detect current and future fraud attempts.
Stop fraudulent transactions with %100 accuracy.

Unlike other solutions which gives you a probability of a fraud attempt, our technology is capable of giving %100 accurate fraud information for each transaction.


We offer free accounts for start-ups and we only charge when we successfully prevented a fraud.
All other transactions are verified from our fraud database free of charge.

SaaS service - Deployment in 2 minutes

We have a well documented API which allows you to integrate with your services in just 2 minutes!
24/7 support available for integration.


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